100% visual inspection & lower cost of quality  

Identify defects quickly, accurately and consistently using Loopr's AI software and off-the-shelf hardware.

Problems with manual defect detection

Human Errors

Monotonous visual inspection causes operator fatigue and errors

Expensive Process

Difficult to scale and hire enough operators to inspect all parts and materials

Labor Risks

Susceptibility to labor shortage and knowledge loss from employee turnover

Automate quality checks with
AI-assisted defect detection

Customized for your parts

LooprIQ Inspect's camera-based software is configured to identify the exact defects or anomalies which occur in your material.

Detect scratches, cracks, bent tips, incomplete weld, foreign objects and anything else which a human inspector can identify.

Identify the exact defects with LooprIQ Inspect

Run in Auto-Pilot or Co-Pilot mode

Defects are identified in real-time, logged in a database and communicated to PLC systems for fully automated operation.

Run in co-pilot mode to enhance and improve human-in-the-loop inspections.

Defection detection through auto-pilot mode

Knowledge store

Get a traceable and permanent database of part inspections, defects, processes and know-how.

Use the database to track, analyze, root cause failures and even train your custom Large Language Models (LLMs).

Get database of part inspections | Loopr AI

Setup on your
shop floor in days

See how you can easily implement this
solution in your factory within days and
minimum up-front cost.


Reduce cost of quality by lowering error rate and removing redundancy checks
Fast software assisted checks make it feasible to visually inspect all parts
Inspection know-how is preserved in software even if employees leaves


General Manufacturing

Consistently inspect your manufacturing line for product defects using AI and get instant alerts to take remedial action


Ensure manual assembly of parts is done to spec and automate inspection and re-inspections with traceable proof of record.


Constantly monitor mine conditions for anomalies such as debris or infrastructure failure and receive instant alerts