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Single platform to seamlessly implement AI inside your apps or on the edge

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Our Offerings

Loopr offers a no-code SaaS platform to adopt pre-built and end-to-end AI solutions, within days, at no up-front cost.

Loopr AI Store


Loopr AI Store -

Ready to use plug & play Machine Vision and NLP solutions for various use cases across industries

Loopr Edge


Loopr Edge -

Loopr's solutions are built edge first and can be easily deployed to different IoT devices and endpoints in the field

Key Challenges in AI Adoption


AI Development is complex

Tedious development process which requires collecting large data sets, data labeling, model development, training and hyper-tuning


Demands time and cost investments

Hire in-house data scientists and engineers or outsource to software consulting vendors


Unsolved problems for traditional industries

Despite a strong willingness, traditional industries like manufacturing and aerospace struggle to adopt AI automation

The Loopr Advantage

Self Service

Al store of no code solutions which can be leveraged and monitored without data science or engineering expertise


Get started with accurate predictions and results within hours or days


No up-front cost and SaaS style consumption-based pricing. Attractive, cost-effective and low risk proposition for businesses

Edge & IoT Ready

Deploy AI solutions to IoT devices of your choice.

Cross Function

Horizontal platform with reusable AI solutions across different industries and functions


Flexibility to keep data on public cloud for ease of access or on your premise for maximum security.

Use Cases

Resolve complex problems with AI-powered processes and innovative machine learning.


Defect Detection

Detect quality issues faster, cheaper and at a pixel granularity in products

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Breaking the Labels

Loopr's Data Annotation team is empowered by women from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our proud partners in the data labelling processes, these women are helping businesses of all sizes to grow using intelligent automation.

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