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Make AI accessible to organizations of all size and capabilities, empowering them to leverage the AI revolution

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Priyansha Bagaria

Priyansha Bagaria

Priyansha has worked on a global scale in the varied fields of data science, computer science, and business administration. Her expertise has a unique amalgamation of core tech knowledge of deep learning and management of complex cloud migration platforms.

Hailing from a small city in India, Priyansha is passionate about women empowerment and constantly works towards providing more work opportunities to women from disadvantaged backgrounds.


  • Purvee Kondal

    Purvee Kondal

    Senior Director of Technology & Engineering SourcingAlbertsons Companies
  • Aravinda

    Aravinda Gollapudi

    Technology & Strategic Operations ExecutiveSage
  • Shish Shridhar

    Shish Shridhar

    Market Development & Strategy Leader,Azure IOT
  • Deepa Seshan

    Deepa Seshan

    Founder & Strategy HeadKindle Consulting LLC

Empowering Women

women's empowerment

The Loopr Labeling Service was inspired by Prerna, a 21-year-old woman from a small town in India with limited social and economic opportunities.

Prerna was part of the first team we trained to annotate the data set of our retail enterprise.

women's empowerment

The annotation work she did ultimately unblocked our client’s search relevancy AI pipeline and enabled a modern search experience on their e-commerce sites which doubled their online revenue from last year.

She is now adept at using computers and has recognized the opportunities computer science can provide. She is mentoring her younger sister to pursue a computer science degree.