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Automotive Manufacturing

Loopr offers solutions to verify that high-mix parts are assembled to specifications and satisfy safety conformance checks.

Challenges in automotive assembly


Manual assembly of high-mix parts according to spec sheet is error prone resulting in expensive product re-calls

Assembly checks

Easy to overlook incorrectly assembled part which can cause serious safety hazards if not caught


Manual assembly verification is subjective, difficult to standardize and differs from operator to operator

Automate assembly

Assembly verification in automotive | Loopr AI


An automotive manufacturer struggles to consistently verify that pinch-bolts are correctly fastened on steering shafts of every manufactured vehicle.

Manual quality check can overlook incorrect assembly, lacks a proof of record and results in expensive vehicle re-calls.


LooprIQ Verify was deployed on a hand-held tablet to consistently and accurately identify whether a pinch-bolt is correctly fastened on a steering shaft.

After assembling the pinch-bolt, mechanics use LooprIQ Verify to validate correct assembly and save a proof of record.


Quality check workflow has more operator accountability and proof of record at time of assembly itself.

Lower Re-calls
Improved quality of assembly results in significantly lower vehicle re-calls and reduced cost of quality.

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