Defect detection in aerospace

Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing

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Loopr's AI-based quality inspection & traceable compliance automation solutions work for all aerospace component manufacturers

Automate defect
detection in Composites Manufacturing & MRO

Fast, low-cost and accurate inspection of
wrinkles/FOD, material micro-structures, turbine
blades and paint surfaces.

Automate defect detection in manufacturing


A laminates manufacturer relies on manual inspection to identify defects such as blisters, wrinkles, and voids in their laminate sheets during the first production stage.

100% visual inspection was slow, expensive, and failed to detect defects early on. This led to finished sheets not bonding together and substantial losses.


Loopr's camera-based software was customized to recognize all defects occurring in the laminate sheets and deployed on first stage production lines.

Defects were captured in real-time as they occurred, and alerts sent to the line supervisor to scrap the defected sheets early-on.


100% Visual Inspection
Which resulted in dollar savings from accurate and timely rejection of defected sheets in first stage.

Cost of Quality
Was reduced by leveraging human labor for more complex jobs on the factory floor.

Automate quality checks in MRO

Consistent inspection of turbine blades, painted surfaces and more.

inspection of turbine blades | Loopr AI


An American MRO facility is struggling to inspect turbine blades and aircraft wings for rust and paint chips in a timely manner.

The inspection results are inconsistent because of difficult to access inspection surfaces and varying experience levels of operators.


LooprIQ Inspect is deployed to a hand-held tablet which is attached to an endoscopic camera.

Operators inspect the challenging surfaces using the flexible camera system, which also provides objective inspection results and saves a digital proof of record.


Timely Inspection
Time to inspect each part is significantly reduced, improving overall throughput of the MRO facility.

Consistent Results
AI assisted inspections result in objective quality checks irrespective of the operator’s experience or fatigue level.

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